Our Approach

Calgary based Business Consultant / Advisor helping entrepreneurs with appropriate business tools necessary for success

Technology = Efficiency = Profit

We use cloud-based accounting and apps to streamline your accounting processes. Shuffling and filing paper work is a thing of the past.

Your Accounting Team

We match your company to the right accounting team. The team is made up of a talented, trained bookkeeper and a seasoned fractional CFO. Most businesses can’t afford both so they attempt to run their businesses without a senior accounting consultant. We create a balanced package so you get the best of both worlds for less than the cost of hiring staff.


Time to really launch your business. Once the foundation of generating accurate, timely financial data by using technology and resources, is built, it’s time to take that data and apply it to a rock solid strategy for achieving those goals.

Our Approach:

  • Step 1: Discovery Call
  • Step 2: Your Customized Solution
  • Step 3: Implementation
  • Step 4: Sit back and relax as our team takes away any financial stress!

we need to understand your business, your issues and your goals. Once we have the complete picture, our team will set to work to create a proposal to create a customized solution to help you achieve those goals and reduce your stress.

  • Technology: We will determine which technologies are best suited for your business. The goal is to automate tedious tasks so that your team had be re-deployed to increasing your profit.
  • People: We will match you with your optimal team – bookkeeper & fractional CFO
  • Timing: We present a detailed timeline for implementing the solution.
  • Workflow: Each workflow step will be well documented to ensure both accuracy and timing of reporting. Training for your staff will be provided to help you employ.
  • Reporting: Your customized month end package will be created. The package includes financial statements, cash flow analysis, comments and observations, and a dashboard of your customized KPIs and metrics so you can track your progress.
  • Review: Each month you can jump on a zoom and review your financial statements, KPIs, metrics, strategy, budget, issues and anything else the numbers reveal.



  • How much can I expect to save with your program?
  • What is the cost of starting the program?
  • What is included in the monthly fee?
  • How long does it take to start up and get my first month’s reports?
  • Do you also file my year-end taxes?
  • How long is the contract and what happens if we leave?

Our goal is to save you at least 30% of the cost of having your bookkeeping being done in-house. The savings go higher once you incorporate the cost and value of having a fractional CFO.

Other savings are hard to quantify but include no longer having to hire, pay and train.

There is a one-time onboarding fee which includes the development and documentation of all workflows, technology setup and the necessary training. After the initial startup, your monthly fee as detailed in your proposal will be implemented.

Everything will be spelled out in your custom proposal. The fee includes bookkeeping services as well as most tech stack subscriptions.

Typically the onboarding process takes 30 days, if there is clean up or reconciliation required to ensure accuracy, it may take longer but this will be clearly communicated.

Although we are a CPA firm, we focus on management and operation accounting. We work closely with your accountant to ensure a timely turn around. If you don’t currently have a tax preparer, we work closely with several firms and would be happy to make the connection.

While we will strive to keep you as a happy client, should you wish to leave we only require a 30 day notice. All ownership of the data and the subscriptions can be easily handed off to you for continuity of your financial operation.

Serving clients remotely across Alberta.

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