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"In the Trenches MBA Academy"

Entrepreneurs typically go into business because they believe they can do it better. I like to help prove them right.

I have a business degree and believe me what you need to know about running a business is not taught in universities; it’s learned in the trenches. The In the Trenches MBA Academy was created to give you all the skills, tools, systems and resources to build and maintain a profitable business.

Monthly Workshops help you systematize and make routine all important aspects of your business:

Building a successful business is not sequential or linear – it’s more like building a puzzle; it doesn’t matter which piece you start with as long as you continue to work towards the big picture. Each standalone workshop will tackle an area in your company than needs to be worked on. The philosophy is that you need to systemize and make routine key areas in order to maximize profits, decrease stress and increase freedom/time off.

You can jump in any time and join the group of likeminded, hardworking, passionate entrepreneurs. The group gives you the support, knowledge and energy you need to do the heavy lifting and achieve great results.

Each month we meet to tackle one key area of business. By the end of each of the 4 hour workshops you will have:

  • A complete understanding of the key area that you need to work on for the month;
  • Established the goals, objectives and steps to ensure that month ahead is successful.
  • The necessary tools to ensure success in creating a system or process that will help your business run smoothly with predictable profits.
  • A set of KPIs (Key performance indicators) to measure success of the tools and systems that you have built
  • Have been teamed up with a “buddy” from the group to help you stay focused and on track.

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