When Passion & Hard Work Aren’t Enough


Coaching Benefits

Let’s talk rowing, racing and your business. What boat is your business in today?

Entrepreneur: Using brute strength, you and your team keep the row boat moving forward. Everyone is giving it their all including you. But instead of moving forward it feels more like you’re going in circles. Your business has become chaotic, stressful and not as financially successful as you had hoped for. You’re constantly dealing with conflicts among the staff. So you row harder, stress increases and you’re starting to burn out.

Are you starting to question whether you can keep going? Is the stress, exhaustion and poor results keeping you up at night?

Leadership: Now image those Olympic rowers – everyone rowing in sync, rowing in unison with the sole purpose of winning. The leader of the boat is the cockswain, he or she is not in the boat rowing; rather the leader has the job to set and communicate the course, navigate and steer the boat, monitor the speed, timing and fluidity and quickly make course corrections as needed. Leadership means motivating the team and responding to the competitors and the environment. The boat glides over the water because everyone understands what is expected of him or her. They are working as a team.

Which boat would you rather be in?

A business that is run like an Olympic rowing team has a clear picture of what winning looks like. Their goals and objectives are broken down into short and long term; clearly communicated and understood. Every member of the team understands what he is responsible to contribute to winning. But more importantly, she knows how to achieve the goals. Instead of chaos and conflict, marketing and sales works with operations and production – they no longer over promise and under deliver. Operations supports the sales cycle and understands that it has one objective – deliver the product or service on time and within budget. Conflicts are reduced because there are guidelines for employees – they no longer guess what is expected – they know. There no longer seems to be a lot of hidden agendas.

As the leader, you, set the goals, outline what’s needed to achieve them; monitor the progress; provide course correction, feedback and mentoring. You have dropped your oar and moved to the helm to steer the business to success.

How Do You “Jump Ship”?

Making the shift from entrepreneur to leader requires clarity of purpose and direction. You need to see the finish line. In order to have your business running like a well-oiled machine you need systems and processes that remove the guess work, confusion and errors.

Imagine knowing with almost certainty how much revenue you are going to make, knowing that you can deliver it without problems and issues. How about knowing what your profits are going to be on all your sales? Or having a systematic way of knowing exactly what decision will give you the best (most profitable) outcome?

As a leader you monitor the systems, analyze the results and motivate your team to achieve the goals you outlined.

How Does Coaching Help?

You are an expert in your business and Wanda, as an accountant and professional coach, is an expert in building businesses. She will help you get clear on where you want to take your company and help you put the systems in place to achieve your goals. The systems and processes she will help you create guarantees that 80% of your business runs smoothly leaving you with the high level 20% for you to deal with. You only focus on the big issues; the ones that have the most impact on your company.

Go Time

You are going to work hard for the next 3 – 5 years anyway. Why not put your focus and energy on building a profitable business that runs with or without you. You gain freedom, reduce stress and add tremendous value to your company.

Ask yourself this: Would you buy your business today? How much would you pay for it? Would that figure more than compensate you for the time, money and energy you put into building your business to date? Let’s build a business that is fun, profitable and in the end highly sought after. Coaching will get you there.

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