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The Murch Group – first question I get asked is “who is the group?”

No one person can know everything so I have surrounded myself with experts in every imaginable area of business: accountants, lawyers, bankers, brokers, investment experts, financial experts, leasing companies, tax specialists, etc. At any time I can draw on this expertise to help solve clients’ problems and issues.

Wanda Murch, B.Comm, CGA

Entrepreneurs typically go into business because they believe they can do it better than the other guy. I like to help prove them right.

I have spent 20 + years as an accountant and consultant working with entrepreneurs and executives,helping them build their companies. I have helped with processes, implemented systems, strategic planning and growth. I have trained both owners and staff to do bookkeeping and finance.

My passion lies in taking somewhat chaotic, businesses and turn them into well-oiled money machines.

The energy, passion and commitment entrepreneurs bring to their businesses is nothing short of inspiring. But my greatest reward is witnessing the transformation from entrepreneur to leaders in the businesses that I have coached.

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